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Posts: Înscris: Studiul aduce o serie de ajustari celui precedent si modifica intr-o maniera considerabila structura macronutrientilor, astfel incat unele diete paleolitice pot fi considerate high fat. Din aceasta cauza este studiul cel mai des citat in comunitatea paleo, cum a pierdut teyana taylor în greutate cu omisiuni importante care-i schimba pur si simplu sensul asa cum a fost el definit de cercetatori.

Studiul incepe cu precizarea neajunsurilor studiului precedent: primul studiu n-a inclus in categoria produselor de origine animala si cele obtinute prin pescuit.

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Quote The reconstruction of preagricultural human diets by using indirect procedures has only recently been attempted. In their seminal paper, Eaton and Konner estimated the dietary macronutrient and trace nutrient contents of Paleolithic humans. Furthermore, the subsistence data from the Ethnographic Atlas are not reported as percentages of energy, but simply as a percentage of the subsistence economy.

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We analyzed the economic burner de grăsime ultra tech modo de uso data for all hunter-gatherer societies using all 3 subsistence categories gathered plant foods, hunted animal foods, and fished animal foods contained within the updated and revised version of the Ethnographic Atlas. In continuare se precizeaza ce modifucari sunt aduse in acest studiu: se ia in calcul, la stabilirea macronutrientilor, carcasa intregului animal, se iau in considerare diferite procente de grasime ale animalelor in functie de anotimpincluderea mai multor populatii de vanatori culegatori.

Quote In the present model, we used the same general approach that Eaton et al.

We 1 added estimations of macronutrient energy for multiple P-A subsistence ratios representing most hunter-gatherer societies in the larger, revised Atlas; 2 incorporated both hunted and fished animal foods in the animal portion of the P-A subsistence ratio; 3 included various percentages of body fat of animals in the animal portion of the P-A subsistence ratio; and 4 refined estimates of the amounts of energy from protein and fat in animal-based foods to reflect not merely mean energy values, but the cubic relations among these variables and percentage body fat by wt.

Previous models of reconstructed preagricultural diets have assumed that muscle tissue was the sole animal tissue consumed; however, many ethnographic reports of various hunter-gatherer societies showed that virtually all of the edible carcass was consumed.

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Within each of these categories, we calculated the overall dietary macronutrient energy ratio for 5 different whole-body fat percentages in both fish and mammalian prey species 2. S-a identificat un tipar al contributiei macronutrientilor in functie de latitudine. La peste 40 grade latitudine nordica sau sudica creste ponderea produselor de origine animala.

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Vanatul ramane constant, insa creste ponderea produseler din pescuit si scade ponderea celor vegetale. Africa unde am evoluat cea mai mare parte a timpului se afla sub 40 grade latitudine.

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De asemenea nu exista o singura dieta caracteristica, ci o multitudine in functie de disponibilitatea resurselor. Our data clearly indicate that there was no single diet that represented all hunter-gatherer societies. These nutritional trends, when analyzed under the scrutiny of modern nutritional theory, may have important implications for the mediation of nutritionally related, chronic diseases of Westernized societies.

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Conform datelor consumul de proteine era foarte ridicat, in fapt atat de ridicat incat s-a pus problema ca nu era burner de grăsime ultra tech modo de uso posibil, prin urmare trebuie sa fi existat diverse strategii de limitare a consumului de proteine, fie prin cresterea consumului de carbohidrati, fie prin cresterea consumului de grasime aceasta din urma pare sa fi fost preferata.

Clinical documentation of this syndrome is virtually nonexistent, except for a single case study. Despite the paucity of clinical data, it is quite likely that the symptoms of rabbit starvation result primarily from the finite ability of the liver to up-regulate enzymes necessary for urea synthesis in the face of increasing dietary protein intake.

To circumvent the dietary protein ceiling, hunter-gatherers generally would have had several options. The solution preferred by most worldwide hunter-gatherers to circumvent excess dietary protein would likely have been a relative increase in total dietary fat from animal foods.

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Of the options available to achieve this goal, the selective consumption of fatty portions of the carcass while discarding leaner portions of the carcass would have been quite costly on the basis of the ratio of energy capture to energy expenditure.

The selection of larger prey species, when ecologically and technologically possible, may have been the preferred option.

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Plant-food types in hunter-gatherer diets obviously vary by season, latitude, and geographic locale; consequently, variations in plant-food macronutrient composition by plant type will influence the overall estimated dietary macronutrient energy values. Certainly, there are small numbers of hunter-gatherer populations, such as nonfishing societies, who do not necessarily conform to this assumption. Obviously, these and other variables not factored into the model can subtly and occasionally overtly influence the outcome of our projected estimates.

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Perhaps the most important variable influencing the estimation of the dietary macronutrient ratio in hunter-gatherer populations, when indirect procedures are used, is the validity of ethnographic data.

Other ethnographers who compiled hunter-gatherer data from the Ethnographic Atlas noted that the scores Murdock assigned to the 5 basic subsistence economies are not precise, but rather are approximation generally based on raw weights of the dietary items.

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Although estimations of energy by weight of wild plant and animal foods may sometimes yield results similar to actual values, there is considerable room for error. In incheiere autorii mentioneaza ca, desi consumul de grasimi in cazul unor populatii de vanatori-culegatori depaseste cantitatea maxima recomandata in zilele noastre, tipul de grasimi consumat de aceste populatii difera de tipul de grasimi incriminate astazi grasimile saturate.

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However, the types and balance of fats in hunter-gatherer diets would likely have been considerably different from those found in typical Western diets. Cereal grains represent the highest single food item consumed on the basis of energy content in both the United States and the rest of the world; however, they were rarely consumed by most hunter-gatherersexcept as starvation foods or by hunter-gatherers living in arid and marginal environments.

Because no randomized clinical trials of low saturated fat diets of sufficient duration have been carried out, there is a lack of knowledge how low saturated fat intake can be without the risk of potentially deleterious health consequences.

Hence, extremely low, or conversely, high, lifelong consumption of dietary saturated fatty acids is likely to be discordant with the human genome.

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Trebuie precizat ca recomandarile actuale au un caracter general si anumitor categorii de exemplu sportivilor li se permite o cantitate mai mare de grasimi saturate. Dar stramosii nostri aveau un nivel de activitate fizica mult superior oamenilor normali din prezent, asemanator mai degraba cu cel al sportivilor, din acest motiv acel consum mai mare de grasimi saturate nu este mare tinand cont de aceasta variabila. La final va prezint concluziile autorilor asa cum reies ele din studiul Paleolithic nutrition what did our ancestors eat dateaza dinpractic o sinteza a studiului dinprezentat aici, dar intr-o forma mai usor accesibila Quote Unfortunately, in the context of western diets, increasing meat consumption particularly red and processed meat is linked to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

In countries like the USA, meats contribute much of the fat, and more importantly, about one third of the saturated fat, the kind mostly clearly linked to adverse outcomes.

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Thus, a high meat diet, regardless of its fat quantity and type, is generally perceived to be unhealthy and to promote cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. Yet Australian red meat derived from grazing animals is generally lean, low in saturated fat and contains significant amounts of healthy long chain omega-3 fats.

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Our research provides evidence that the animal foods that dominated hunter-gatherer diets were also low in saturated fat and high in good fats. This nutritional pattern would not have promoted atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries or chronic disease. There is now strong evidence that the absolute amount of dietary fat is less important in reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease than the type of fat. Fatty acids that increase blood cholesterol levels include lauric acid Cmyristic acid Cpalmitic acid.