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Aseara am dat peste un articol Cel mai bun ceai pentru pierderea în greutate dr oz About BUDGIES care sper sa ii ajute pe unii sa-si gaseasca mai repede raspunsurile la intrebari, si pe altii sa aiba grija mai bine de micii lor prieteni.

listess slimming shorts recenzii

Din pacate nu am timp sa stau sa traduc textul in romaneste, dar poate cineva o va face daca chiar este nevoie. Feeding: Vegetarian. Make sure your budgie has clean food and water throughout the day.

listess slimming shorts recenzii

Change water twice daily, morning and evening. Budgies can be offered a variety of foods. Special care must be taken to ensure that your budgies get a well balanced diet, as nutritional deficiencies are a common cause of illness and death.

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Although seeds are a budgie's basic diet, if fed only on seeds, they will develop an iodine deficiency, making them susceptible to goitre swelling of the thyroid gland. What can I feed my Budgie? Budgie mix can be purchased at the pet shop and is a staple diet containing a mixture listess slimming shorts recenzii millet, oat groat and canary seeds. The diet should also include a daily offering of fruits and vegetables.

Who likes to eat the same thing all the time anyway? Don't be surprise if your budgie doesn't eat the fruits or vegetables at first. It make take months, but keep trying. Thoroughly clean any fruits and vegetables you feed to your bird.

You can offer your budgies apples, grapes, guava, mango, orange, pomegranate, watermelon, blanched or grated carrots and green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach. However, do not feed them cabbage, as cabbage will make your budgie sick.

listess slimming shorts recenzii

Some other foods to avoid are chocolate, avocado, beans, croton, eggplant, raw peanuts, apple seeds, raw potatoes and asparagus. It's important for budgies to have calcium in their diet. Budgie owners provide their bird with calcium by placing a piece of cuttlebone the bone of the cuttlefish in their cages.

listess slimming shorts recenzii

Note: Budgies shell the seeds when they eat. Therefore what may look like a container with food might be a container full of shells husk.

I may have fractured it, but I hope I haven't. Choose an X-ray and create a history my ankle when I went over and now I can barely walk. I don't think it's broken or anything.

Don't be fooled and let your budgies starve. This is a listess slimming shorts recenzii feeding mistake. Also, you should never put new food on top of old food. Discard the old food and shells first. Keep it clean.


A dirty feed container is a breeding ground for bacteria. Remember to change the drinking water regularly since food will get into it and your budgie might decide to take a bath in it as well.

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Cage Size: The general rule is that bigger is better. Your budgies must have enough room to fly around for exercise. The length of the cage is more important than the height.

listess slimming shorts recenzii

The guideline suggested for minimum cage size is as follows: 20"x12"x18" for 1 Bird 40"x20"x32" for a Pair The space between the bars is also quite important.

If they are too wide, you can guess what will happen, the bird will get out. The budgie may also get his head or body stuck if it tries to squeeze through the bars.


To prevent this from happening, make sure that the spaces between the bars are no wider than ½ inch. Some budgie enthusiasts also recommend that you get a cage with horizontal bars and to avoid those with only vertical bars.

The horizontal bars help the budgie to get a better grip when climbing on the cage. Special Requirements: Exercise.

Budgies need exercise everyday, especially if they live in small cages. They need to stretch their wings and fly around. Budgies that live in small cages should be allowed out of the cage for some exercise.

Before you let your budgie out, you must make certain the room is clear of hazards.