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Grup public The Group is keen for posts to reflect fast burly fress burning community of Yeadon and to some extent the wider Aireborough community.

Business posts 'flagged' outside of these days will be deleted without any notification to the affected business. Repeated offenders will also be blocked. Selling of any products by individuals is also not allowed at any time.

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THere are numerous selling groups available. Grup public de membri It costs £50 a year to join Menston Business Association.

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This joining fee allows us to produce four leaflets a year which are delivered to every household in the village and High Royds.

We encourage a culture of business recommendation within the village and support local initiatives within the community.

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Please post events, lost and found, news, photographs and anything else Burley related. Any post that is not related to Burley will not be approved and the member may be banned.

Please be aware that each post is checked by admin and moderators to ensure that it follows the rules, we try and approve them as fast as we can.

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Before joining the group please ensure you read the pinned post and answer the questions. The questions will appear when you request to join.

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Grup public de membri I have created this group for any local Menstonians to advertise their small businesses and share the love. Let's help each other out!

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